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Artical of the month- Agriculture Technology Parks

Agro Technology Park is one of the finest initiatives for agriculture extension, education and agro tourism implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Sri Lanka. The first A-Park was established in Kandy district. The park is bounded in three sides with the river Mahaweli in the historically important place of Gannoruwa in Kandy and, lies at an altitude of 473m (1550 ft) above sea level in a total area of 2 square kilometers. The A parks is comprised with the majority of the institutions of the Department of Agriculture. The second A-Park was established in Hambantota district adjoining to the Government Farm in Batatha.

A Parks are more than just a great day out and it is strongly focused on the quick information dissemination mechanism for farmers, school children and general public. Also, it is a place to see and learn latest recommendations of crop cultivation and technologies generated by both public (government departments and universities) and private institutions. It gives not only education & training mechanism but also aesthetically beautiful edible landscaping with tropical crops. The A Parks is stuffed with a bewildering variety of local and newly improved plant species. And, varieties and technologies recommended by the Department of Agriculture for all crops are demonstrated in the field. The technologies ranges from Hi-tech agriculture to traditional agriculture are demonstrated in these agriculture theme parks.



1920 Agriculture Advisory Service

A call centre solution known as Agriculture Advisory Service is one of the major programmes to assist farmers in solving their various problems such as agriculture related technical matters, inputs and marketing problems.

As per the suggestion made by the former Minister of Agricultural Development, Hon. Mr. Chamal Rajapaksha, this service was established at the Audio Visual Centre of the Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya on 23rd February, 2006.
The service can be contacted by farmers for their queries over any land or mobile phone in office hours by dialling 1920.

  • To give quick advice to farmers over the phone on their queries
  • To refer experts or relevant literature and give advice within 72 hours, when the problem is complicated
  • To maintain a digital database on the queries for further action and report generation

Expected outputs

  • Demand driven agriculture extension
  • Quick mechanism of disseminating Agriculture information
  • Strengthening of research-extension-training-farmer linkage
  • Maintain of records on farmers queries as a digital database for further action