Agriculture Extension and Training

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Comment: Hilight women and youth agricultural extension programmes of the DOA. Women and youth are significant target groups in the sphere of agriculture globaly.

Institutes (Central & Provincial)

Western Province

Vision To be engaged in a process of sustainable agricultural development that helps to induce socio-economic advancement in the Western Province. Mission To continue corporate attempts of government, non-government and private sector in the field of extension and training methodologies with agricultural operators of the base of sustainable agricultural development sphere that suits socio-economic-ecological conditions of the Western Province.


  1. Adoption of agro-technological development process to develop human resources and entrepreneurship.
  2. Contributions for poverty reduction and increasing gross domestic production of selected crops through productivity improvement.
  3. Execution of statues, acts and regulations that favour the improvement of environment friendly integrated agricultural practices.
  4. Implementation of corporate development attempts with government, non-government and private sector towards the development of commercial agriculture.
  5. advancement in productivity levels of urban and sub-urban agricultural production units.
  6. Utilization of media and target-group participation in the process of technology development.


  1. conducting persuasion work on agricultural entrepreneurship with youth, women, adult and schooling target groups.
  2. Developing vocational skills through training of vegetable/fruit/flower producers on post-harvest management.
  3. Presenting appropriate and simple implements (mechanization) in addressing the problem of labour shortage.
  4. Practicing productivity improvement integrated activities in low productivity lands.
  5. Implementing agricultural practices within the context of unified approach to raise nutrition, social and economic status of low-income earners.
  6. Raising farm economy through training/extension programmes and planing of appropriate cropping patterns.
  7. Effectuating agricultural laws and norms that help to reduce environmental damages along with the adoption of sustainable farming systems.
  8. Managing coordinated-programmes develop in association with private entrepreneurs on seed and planting material production and distribution.
  9. Employing organization's revenue improvement mechanisms and market coordination activities along with the introduction of technical methods to upgrade the production quality in the sphere of commercial agriculture.
  10. Working with urban and sub-urban target groups on effective resource management so as to attain better family nutrition and economic status.
  11. Communicating agricultural information and technological interventions through mass media.
  12. Building effective linkage between target groups and extension agents by the utilization of indigenous technical know-how through adaptability testing programmes.